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Road race standards are designed to encourage members to enter more races and try to achieve pre-set standards which the club will award at our annual presentation and social evening. 

There are standards for all the regular distances (5K, 5 Miles, 10K, 10 Miles, Half Marathon, 20 Miles and Marathon), with separate standards for males and females.  You can download a copy of the Standards here


Claims must be submitted on this claim form and will be accepted on an annual basis, with dates commencing 1st January through to 31st December 2023. Les Hill, our Awards Statistician, will verify the completed claim forms.




  1. The relevant results sheet must support each claim form.

  2. The race must have been accurately measured and certified; your result must be taken from the official results. Chipped times are acceptable. Please note that Parkrun routes do not qualify as they are not accurately certified routes. 

  3. The time achieved must match or better the standard, i.e., standard = 36 minutes, time achieved 36 minutes or better.

  4. To qualify, runners must achieve qualifying times in three distances within three different Group categories over the year. NB 5K, 5 miles and 10K distances are classified under Group 0 and would not count as three qualifying times and distances.  


 A copy of the Standards can be downloaded here. 





Club Standards

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