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Club training

When’s the Next One?

We run different training sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.



Beginners and improvers

Club Training

Fiona Jardine, Maureen Dickson, Kevin McCaig,Rhiannon Breed,Karen Littlejohn and Robert Go
Monday training
Tuesday training
Thursday training


Join us on Monday nights for Dumfries Running Club beginners and improvers sessions. We meet at Dumfries Sports Club, Nunholm Road, between 18:15 and 18:30 with the aim to start at 18:30. 


Running group options are usually from 2 miles up to 6 miles with groups organised on the night with a designated leader and rear runner. 

During the winter we run routes that are safe and well-lit - usually always on pavements and cycle paths. In the summer, we have a wider selection of routes as the light nights allow us to use country roads and tracks. 

All club runners are strongly advised to wear hi-viz clothing - particularly on dark evenings. 

Warm-ups, cool-downs and stretching are encouraged to avoid injury. 

We ask that all runners look out for each other when running with the club and it is a club aim for a runner to never be left on their own. The pace of a group should always cater for the slowest in the group and this may mean splitting a group into smaller numbers. Please be considerate to your fellow runners so that everyone can enjoy their run. 

Tuesday night training runs are for all members of the club. 

Meet at Dumfries Sports Club, Nunholm Road at 18:15 - 18:30 with the aim to begin at 18:30

We use a number of different training sessions on a Tuesday which include longer routes, hill training/reps and interval training. 

All routes can be extended or shortened to suit the runners who are there. The usual distance for Tuesday nights ranges from 3-12 miles. 

Routes are decided on the night and a group leader will be appointed on the night. 

Pace groups vary considerably but all runners will be catered for and no runner will ever be left to run on their own. 

Wearing hi-viz during winter months is strongly recommended. 

If you have any routes/training plans you would like to do please let your fellow runners know. All suggestions are welcome. 

Very occasionally the group will arrange to run at Mabie forest - a notification will go out to members and club Facebook page. 


Trail running 

Wednesday evenings see groups take to the trails around Dumfries.  We cater for experienced trail runners and for those who are keen to try it out for the first time.

Start times and locations vary and are announced every Sunday on our Facebook page. 


All runners are strongly advised to wear hi-viz clothing and to have a headtorch especially for dark evenings and winter runs. . 


A choice of Speedplay or Track

6:15pm meet for 6:30pm start.


Speedplay takes place at Easterbrook Hall over a number of short distances to improve running speed. 


Track sessions are held at the David Keswick Centre.  The use of the facilities incurs a charge of £3.25.

Occasionally,  these sessions are combined and a notification will go out to members on the calendar and club Facebook page. 

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