Dalbeattie 10K Half Marathon 2016

Dalbeattie 10K Half Marathon 2016

Frank's Valentine Run 2017

Frank's Valentine Run 2017

Dentdale 2017

Dentdale 2017

Criffel Hill Race 2017

Criffel Hill Race 2017

Devil Takes the Hindmost 2017

Devil Takes the Hindmost 2017

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London Marathon 2016

London Marathon 2016

Highland Fling Relay 2016

Highland Fling Relay 2016

Moffat 15k 2016

Moffat 15k 2016

Screel Hill Race 2017

Screel Hill Race 2017

Santa Run 2017

Santa Run 2017

DRC Christmas Handicap


A surprised but delighted Nicola Allan was a worthy winner of Sunday's DRC Christmas Handicap...

Nicola took the lead in the race at around the half way point and held that position to the finish, clocking a time of 47.38.

Thirty one members took part in the festive 5 miles run over the Holywood Stroll route with many more in attendance as timekeepers, marshalls and supporters around the course. Les Hill did his usual fine job of setting the handicaps and was resolute in ignoring the pleas for clemency for imagined injuries and the previous night's over indulgence by some. Conditions were fairly good for the event with only a slight headwind to contend with on the final run in to the finish.

Linda Oates was the second runner to cross the line, with a rapidly closing Jo Zakrzewski in third place posting the overall fastest time of the day in 29.22.

On returning to the Sports Club, everyone continued with the festive theme by enjoying the traditional post-run mince pies.

1  Nicola Allan          SL     47.38

2  Linda Oates          LV45   38.40

3  Jo Zakrzewski       LV35  29.22   (Fastest Runner & 1st Lady)

4  Alan Baxter            SM    29.33   (Fastest Man)

5  Ian Brown              V55   31.39

6  Steph Smith           SL     40.42

7  Alistair Bloxham     SM    32.07

8  Graeme Cross      V45    30.59

9  Les Hill                  V55    33.30

10 Helen Pedley        LV45   45.43

11 Sandy Shankland V55     32.42

12 Ranjit Thomas      V45     32.09

13 Allan Manson       SM      33.38

14 Stephen Bonn      V50     34.52

15 David Burns         V50     34.28

16 Kim Adamson       LV50   46.50

17 Amy Beck             SL       37.21

18 Adam Dickie         SM      32.11

19 Theresa Lavery     SL       39.19

20 Alison Groat          SL       39.46

21 Mandy Goldie       LV40   45.48

22 Jim Grierson         V55     41.50

23 Sid Oates              V50     40.05

24 Gerry Edgar          V50     55.07

25 Jim Buchanan       V45     33.12

26 Susan Graham      LV55   59.29

27 Rab Wilson            V55     44.37

28 Maureen Dickson   LV55   43.10

29 Norman Neilson     V50     37.10

30 Vicky Hart              SL       72.00

30 Margaret Gray       LV50   72.00


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