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2015 DRC Cross Country Championships, Kingholm


For the 2015 DRC XC championships, there was a new venue and hence a new course, so a record turnout and course records were guaranteed...

Les Hill, ably assisted by Doug Brown and Graeme Cross, had set out an excellent multilap course, based around the MacLeod pavilion at Kingholm. The ladies set off at 10 am to complete 2 of the 1.9 mile laps, while the men had to wait until 11am to cover their 3 laps.

Each lap involved twists and turns (including around an abandoned car in one field), water crossings and lots of mud.

An added delight for the runners was hearing a bell as they set off on their final lap.

The ladies race was won by Jo Zakrzewski, with Lisa Finlay taking second place and Sian Finlay rounding off the podium. Lisa did say she almost ended up doing breaststroke across some of the deeper water to make it into an aquathlon!

In the men's race, Alan Baxter was a clear winner leading from start to finish, but there were some interesting tussles going on throughout the field. One of the closest finishes was to decide 2nd and 3rd positions with Kevin McQueen just outsprinting Graeme Cross.

Many of the runners helped out in the opposite sex's race, whereas many other club members braved the cold and mud to spend the whole morning marshalling, timing, recording and supporting. Everybody seemed to enjoy the event, and it certainly saved on the cost of expensive mudpacks in preparation for the evening's dinner dance, with a few club members also practicing their entertainment skills as they slipped and slid their way around. Thanks to all of DRC for a great new event!


Results as follows: 


1 Jo Zakrzewski         25.08

2 Lisa Finlay               27.19

3 Sian Finlay              30.06

4= Alison Groat            32.39

4= Sue Jeffrey              32.39

6 Linda Oates            35.47

7 Jo Needham           36.22

8 Gemma Leadbetter 38.19

9 Saty Burns              38.48

10= Fiona Jardine        41.47

10= Margaret Laurie.    41.47


1 Alan Baxter              35.39

2 Kevin McQueen       39.50

3 Graeme Cross         39.53

4 Kevin McCaig          40.01

5 Sandy Shankland    40.15

6 Ranjit Thomas         42.01

7 Les Hill                    42.05

8 Stephen Mohan       44.25

9 Steven Bonn            45.35

10 Peter Hill                46.54

11 Mark Johnstone    49.23

12= Bob Green             51.45

12= Frank Skachill        51.45

14 Peter Hutchinson   57.13


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